Key List
A key is defined by specifying it's modifiers (shift, control, alt), and the name of the key. Key macros may override already defined keystrokes and functions attached to keys. If YOU override these, good luck! The normal keyboard keys for A-Z (normal, shifted, caps locked, and control ) return their common ASCII, English keystroke. The number keys 1-9,0 (normal and shifted, and ctrl-@ ) return normal sequences. All other punctuation, and single character keys of course stroke their character. The arrow keys, home, end, insert and delete, are all attached to the console plugin for editing commands... Although it may be tempting to redefine these (for MUDs) to move you, I recommend using num1, num2, etc and leaving left, right, etc alone. Any of these MAY be overridden with custom keystrokes, or macros... let the binder beware. Shift key modifier may be specified by any of the following shift

Control key modifier may be specified by any of the following control

Alt key modifer may be specified by any of the following alt

If the names of the modifiers are used, they must be separated by a space. If they symbols ( $, ^, @ ) are used, they may immediately prefix the key name.


^@delete - names the reset key sequence
control alt delete - also another name for the reset key
s f1 - shift-F1
s c F1 - shift-control-F1
F1 -The F1 key alone

Ok - Got it? Good I'm glad - the modifiers are pretty simple... The following list are names and alternate names of all keys which may be defined. The key names are not case sensitive, only the spelling and digit order is relavent. Characters A-Z are named 'a' - 'z' and the number keys above the normal alphabet are simply '0' - '9'.

back, backspace tab return, enter
esc, escape space, blank prior, pgup
next, pgdn end home
left up right
down select print
execute snapshot insert
delete help A-Z
0-9 lwin rwin
num0, pad0 num1, pad1 num2, pad2
num3, pad3 num4, pad4 num5, pad5
num6, pad6 num7, pad7 num8, pad8
num9, pad9 mult, multiply add
separator subtract decimal
divide F1-F24 ; , semicolon
= , equal , , comma . , perion
- , dash / , slash \ , backslash
` , accent [ , lbracket ] , rbracket
' , quote apps