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cursecon No additional parameters are required to invoke a console parser. example: /command "cursecon"
Additional Commands
No Commands
Additional Methods
HISTORY Shows the current number of lines in the history buffer.
KEYBIND Provided as compatibility to windows console, but this functionality is severely limited in Unix, and does not bind to keys.
KEYUNBIND See Keybind. This method allows the user to undefine a key's definition.
MODE Changes the command entry mode between direct (no line buffer portion) and line (command line separate).
REFRESH This will redraw the screen, if it should become corrupt.
SETCOLOR [foreground] [background] Sets the default and current color of the display to the foreground and background specified. If the background color is omitted, the current background is used, and only the foreground color changes. Possible colors: black, blue, green, cyan, red, brown, magenta, grey, darkgrey, lightblue, lightgreen, lightcyan, lightred, lightmagenta, yellow, white.