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window No additional parameters are required to invoke a window console parser. Window consoles have a history buffer. History is accessable by using PageUp, PageDn, and shift-up/down arrows. The default font is settable on the main window, and each individual window may change its font. Font selection for console windows is accessed by right clicking on them. The menu heading of New Object creates an object of the name specified, wakes it up, and supplies a command console for it. example: /command window
example: /parse window
Using the Windows Console Interface
Page Up recalls data saved into the history buffer. Page Down goes down a page of history data. Shift up and down arrow move the history display one line. The END key will go to the end of the history buffer.

Right clicking on the object's interface window brings up a popup menu. Here you can set the current font, set the current foreground/background color, and set the amount of the display to show the history buffer in. By default the window uses 50% of the lines to show history in, so any incoming data is still shown in the bottom portion of the window, while the history can be browsed in the top portion of the window.

Any change in the font of a window is saved for any window create for an object of the same name, the same font is used.

The Default font - on the main menu of the interface, there are options, one of the options is to set the default font for any new window created.

The same command history keys work, up arrow recalls the previous commands... (see console plugin for more information)

Additional Methods
SETCOLOR [foreground] [background] Sets the default and current color of the display to the foreground and background specified. If the background color is omitted, the current background is used, and only the foreground color changes. Possible colors: black, blue, green, cyan, red, brown, magenta, grey, darkgrey, lightblue, lightgreen, lightcyan, lightred, lightmagenta, yellow, white.
HISTORY Shows the current number of lines stored in the history buffer.
KEYBIND See console plugin for more information.
KEYUNBIND See console plugin for more information.