James A. Buckeyne
ICQ #5093446
Mail: 2091 Angel Falls Drive
Henderson, NV 89014


Highly skilled professional seeking a rewarding position in a forward moving company to expand and extend my own abilities and help the company achieve and grow. 



Was inducted into gifted and accelerated education classes.  I skipped 2 years in my mathematics classes.  Independent study practices were highly encouraged.  I've continued that and am constantly pursuing new things to learn and achieve.

1986-1990    Palm Bay High, Palm Bay, FL

Graduated with a 3.5 GPA. Took Advanced Placement (college level) Chemistry, English, Computer Science, and 2 years of calculus.

1990-1992    Brevard Community College    Palm Bay, FL

Completed 36 of 54 hours towards an associate degree in Computer Science.  Maintained a 3.2 GPA. Took 3rd year Calculus, Drafting, Introductory and Advanced Programming (I should note I helped the teacher more then they helped me), and AutoCAD classes.


1999 - 2000  Software Developer

Greaternet Internet Service Provider
Cocoa, FL
(321)638-1303 Contact: Paul Abernathy

1999 - 1999  Embedded Systems Programmer

CDE Corporation
Rockledge, FL

1994 - 1998  Systems Analyst

Electronic Visions, Inc.
Rockledge, FL
(321)632-7530 Contact: Howard McGinnis

1989-1994   Systems Analyst

Logical Data Corporation
Palm Bay, FL
(321)723-7000 Contact: Richard Whitworth

1984-1998    Independent Development



Windows NT/95/98 (8 years)
Unix (Linux, QNX, Realix, BSD Unix) (4 years)
X-Windows (2 years)
DOS (8 years)

Development Areas

Shared Memory (5 years)
Multi Process/Multi Thread (8 years)
TCP/IP sockets (8 years)
TCP/IP protocol (custom implementation) (1 year)
Realtime Message distribution (8 years)
Redundant systems, application monitoring (2 years)
Embedded Systems. (4 years)
Animation/Sound (8 years)



Microsoft Visual from 4.2 (8 years)
Borland (4 years)
Symantec (1 year)
GNU(Unix, DOS, WIN32 ) (5 years) 

Java ( Javac, Java Studio, Web-browser Script) (1 year)
Perl (2 years)
Fortran (1 year)
Basic (4 years)
Pascal (4 years)
Intel 80x86 assembly (assembler) (11 years)
LISP (1 year)


ActiveX (1 year)
OLE/DB (1 year)
ADO (1 year)
COM/COM+ (1 year)
ATL (1 year)


3D Studio Max (2 years)
Excel (Office 97) (4 years)
Quattro (2.0?) (1 year)
Lotus (1.0?) (1 year)
Access  (4 years)
D-Base  (2 years)
Microsoft Word (Office 97) (4 years)
Power Point  (1 year)
Word Perfect (4 years)



Internet Explorer 
Telnet (Used and Implemented server and client)
FTP (Used and Implemented server and client)


CGI C program interface on BSD Unix (4 months)
Perl (3 years)
Java script (3 years)
Webpage form interface development (4 years)
Perl SMTP Form Mailer (3 months)

Takes HTML form data, parses the field values, connects to local SMTP server using sockets, sends a standardized form letter which contains the form data, and generates success/failure HTML response for the browser.

Perl TCP socket relay/multi-plexor (1 year)
SQL/ODBC Databases (2 years)
Active Components (2 years)
C TCP socket relay/multi-plexor for video streams (2 years)
UDP CuSeeme Relay (2 months)



All jobs were full cycle product development, including writing specifications, laying out the programs, coding, and verification testing of the programs.

Most application development using C/C++ and Intel x86 assembly.  I have skill in Java, Fortran, Basic, and Pascal.  I have a little knowledge of LISP and Cobol, Fourth, Prolog.  I have been a network administrator, responsible for setting up and maintaining a network to provide video broadcasting, shared printers and shared file systems.  I have installed, configured, and maintained Windows 95/98, NT, and RedHat Linux.  I have done PC repair work and maintenance.  I have done hardware diagnostics and used logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and learned about programmable chips.  I've developed applications that use the Windows Sound Multi-media subsystem.  I am very familiar with Personal computers at all levels, which my first job encouraged, as one cannot write effective, and efficient applications without knowing the platform they are for (included use of a logic analyzer on CPU signals for code and memory trending).  Most of my previous experience is in real-time (in-time or near-time) data distribution and event based process control.  Various other projects I have worked on in personal time explore most every aspect of computers and programming (User I/O, Video/Graphics, Sound, Disk management, File design and layout for efficient access...).  I'm very adept at picking up new applications quickly.

Personal vocations have brought me to optimize 3d code for a long time.  I have folders and archives of various projects I have worked on.  My most recent project was to use arbitrary plane defined by an origin and a normal, and have the software automatically compute intersecting lines and find bound surfaces for step-wise refining of complex shapes. Also developed an interactive breadboard for designing neural circuits.  (First pass gives say 6 bounding planes, and longer interaction allows more time for further cutting planes to provide fine definition)... Note specifically under education the mathematics background.

During my affiliation with an Internet video stream provider, I worked to develop applications, which were network and more specifically Internet based.